Navigating or Wayfinding?

Grief and mourning look different for everyone involved. For yourself. For your loved one. For your friend. There is no instruction manual, map, or set of directions for how to handle this season of life. Processing grief is less like navigation - moving through a deliberate set of landmarks or instructions - and more like wayfinding. Wayfinding implies that the path is unclear, the route is not labeled, and the journey of reaching your destination will be discovered as you go.

The resources below are tools and suggestions that may help as you "find the way" along your own Uncharted Trail.

If you or your friend / loved one has found different tools that helped along the way, please email your suggestions to or join the discussion on Facebook.


Books, Articles, Music, Movies, and podcasts

When it's hard to express it for yourself, these books, articles, songs, movies, and podcasts somehow find a way.


how to help your grieving friend

You want to help, but you don't know how. Is it okay to talk about what happened? How do I ask how they're doing? What can I do that will help right now? 


"Disposable" Grieving

What's happening to your brain and body as you mourn? And why it might best to avoid those things you'd normally turn to for comfort during your deepest season of grief.