The Uncharted Trail is lead by James Boothe. In 2015, James navigated the tumultuous pregnancy, birth, and death of his son Ezekiel who was diagnosed at the first ultrasound with a rare & fatal genetic disorder, Trisomy 13.

The season after his son's death shook James to the core, re-shaping his faith, identity, and sense of purpose in life. During this time, James found himself looking for ways to outwardly process the pain, questions, and changes shaking his internal life. He wanted people he could trust. He wanted actions that felt purposeful and productive. He wanted to know that he wasn't completely defeated.

Seeking out podcasts, books, counseling, and retreat centers, James recognized that there aren't many resources available specifically for men when it comes to grieving. Especially for the type of man who might not want to just talk through things with a counselor. Professional counseling is healthy and necessary, but James also wanted an avenue to physically work out his grieving... and he wanted the support of his closest friends.

The Uncharted Trail was born out of that desire.


The Uncharted Trail Adventures are designed to give you an opportunity to work out your grieving with your closest companions through a memorable, challenging, and fun experience. We know you have friends that you want by your side during this season. They want to support you, but maybe they just don't know how. We provide the training they need to learn how to love & support you in the ways that are best for you and your specific situation. We customize every experience and every training... and we do the logistical work behind the scenes so you can be free to fully embrace and conquer the challenge.