So I decided to start a podcast.

It's something I have been thinking about for a while. A long while. Over a year at least.

In my own season of grieving, I realized that I'm not uncomfortable sharing my story, my frustrations, my fears, my anger, my joys... but I'm not ever sure who REALLY wants to hear it. Let's face it. Some people don't want to hear it. It's too disrupting to hear about someone else's pain. You can easily identify those kinda people. They listen, then offer a solution or ask a question that is trying to lead you toward a solution. I get it. I was one of those people (and still am alot of the time!). At the end of the day, those people - as loving and well-intentioned as they are - in all honesty don't want to hear the raw experience. The harsh truth. The mystery that comes with life not being so orderly.

Because the honest truth is that grieving creates distorted truth. At least for me. It brings everything into the grey zone. Out of black & white. Out of "this is how the world should work".

Back to the podcast.

I know a few friends that have experienced the sudden loss of a loved one. And they aren't scared to share their story. They're just hesitant to know if it's the right time or space to share. In fact, most want to share. It's honoring to the one they lost. It's honoring to themselves.

So, I'm creating a podcast where I interview these friends and ask about their processing. It's different for everyone. But I also think there might be some common threads that pop up. Notes that start to sound familiar. And maybe it turns into a song that even those who aren't grieving can understand and hum along to.

- James